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Primary Data Center




  • The aim of PDC is to enhance reliability & security of Information Systems through centralized management of IT Infrastructure adopting the necessary measures and practices with the following advancements:
  1. Dynamic Scalability
  2. Centralized and Simplified Management
  3. Improved quality of Data housekeeping
  4. Lower risk of data loss
  5. Higher availability of system and data - 24x7
  6. Better management of security & access control
  7. Guaranteed Service Levels
  • OPTCL plans to host GIS , eDak / eOffice , Dashboard & AMI  applications and central data storage in the proposed PDC in the first phase of the Data Center.
  • Rest of the applications/servers viz. eShakti Servers, DMS Server, File Server, Lodestar Servers , Legacy Application, Mail Servers of OPTCL, SLDC and GRIDCO, LDAP Server , Repository Server,  DISCOM Drawal Data ,EBS Training Server etc. will be co-located/migrated subsequently.