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Facility Management Services(FMS) Support



  • The following Services are provided by FMS of IT Dept. to OPTCL, GRIDCO and SLDC.


  1. ZITCs (Zonal IT Centre) Support- Hands on support to officials in field units under ZITC for successful implementation of ERP along with GIS and AMI. Provide support for Hardware and software along with maintenance of Client PCs.
  2. Help Desk Support- Field officials can call centralized Service Helpdesk to log the call and get assistance from a designated person.
  3. Maintenance Support: Maintenance Support includes attending the calls of users assigned by helpdesk team related to issues associated with IT Peripherals like PC, Printer, Scanner and any other IT equipment at OPTCL across Odisha.
  4. Network Support- Network support includes works related to network passive components like CAT-6 Cable laying, crimping, diagnosis and troubleshooting of fiber optic cable fault etc.
  5. Video Conferencing Support- VC support includes day to day support for conducting various meeting held through video conferencing at OPTCL. To configure different video conferencing platforms as per the requirement of various stake holders.