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Sl. No. Name of the Projects
1 400/220/33kV GIS at Paradeep with line
2 400/220/33kV GIS at Ramakishnapur (Bhadrak) (JICA)
3 400kV & 220kV LILO to proposed 400/220kV GIS at Ramakishnapur (Bhadrak)
4 200/132kV Dhenkanal-B GIS (JICA) with line
5 220/132/33 kV GIS S/s at Kuakhia (JICA)
6 132/33kV Grid S/S Tarbha and its associated line
7 220/132/33kV S/s at Nuapada with associated lines
8 220/33kV S/s at M. Rampur with associated lines
9 220/33kV GIS S/s at Chitalo with associated lines
10 132/33kV Athamallick S/s with associated lines
11 132/33kV Agalpur(Rampur) S/s with SAS and associated lines
12 132kV line from Turumunga to Dhenkikote
13 220kV Balimela -Jayanagar LILO at Govindpalli(SC) GSS.
14 132kV SC on DC Tower from Kantabanji GSS to Patnagarh GSS.
15 132kV LILO of one ckt of Budhipadar-Sundergarh line at Bamra GSS.
16 132kV SC Line on DC Tower from Ghense GSS to Padampur GSS.
17 132kV LILO of Chend-Nuagaon line at Kuanramunda GSS.
18 132KV UG Cabling from Argul GSS to Ransinghpur GSS
19 132 kV UG Cabling from Narendrapur GSS to Berhampur GSS in Ganjam District,
20 132 kV UG from Mendhasal GSS to Chandaka-B GSS in Khordha Disrict,
21 132 kV UG Cabling from Samangara GSS to Puri GSS in Puri District.
22 2X500MVA, 400/220kV GIS S/s at Digapahandi & Associated 400kV Line from Pandiabil to Digapahandi and 220kV LILO of Digapahandi -Theruvali line
23 2X500 MVA, 400/220kV GIS S/s at Theruvali
24 400kV DC line from 400/220kV Digapahandi to 400kV S/s of PGCIL S/s at Jeypore PG with Bay Extension with 400kV LILO at Theruvali and 220kV DC line from proposed Theruvali to existing Theruvali 220kV S/s
25 State Transmission Asset Management System (STAMS)